Beginner Yoga Series

Back to Basics - Yoga 101

Beginning a yoga practice in the classroom can be overwhelming if you have never done it before. Even if you have done a yoga practice before, you may not be sure you are doing it correctly. Inner Spirit has designed this 4 week session to give specific information and personal attention to the beginner yoga student.

Each week teaches a different aspect of the Yoga practice, from breathing correctly to the different asanas (postures) and even how they are put together in the various Sun Salutations flow. At the end of the 4 week session students will feel prepared to head into a regular yoga class with a solid block of knowledge behind them and with the ability to "take it to their own level" without worry of getting lost.

Session Weekly Breakdown

Week 1
Pranayama/ Breath Work

Week 2
Asanas Step by Step
(Learning alignment and introducing blocks and props)

Week 3
Fundamentals of Inversions and Balance

Week 4
Back Bending and Sun Salutation with Chaturanga

Classes are Saturdays from

The Beginner's Yoga Series is
$54 for the 4 classes

(payment due at sign up)

If you are unable to make a class and miss a week, you are allowed to make it up when it cycles around again.

Minimum of 4 students to keep the class open!