About Us


"Thank you for the center!" - Sharyn


The center’s mission is to create a strong sense of community both for the town as well as for each and every student that comes to experience what we offer. It is a place of peace, fun and kinship. De-stressing, stretching and relaxation are an integral part of our community experience as well as a friendly environment where you can meet new people.

Every weekday the Center hosts Yoga and Dance classes with lots of weekend workshops and events like our Inspirational Movie Night, hosted by one of our very own students! The first Saturday of the month you are welcome to join us for a pot-luck dinner followed by an inspirational movie and discussion.

The Inner Spirit Yoga Center is committed to bringing people together though our classes. We have family-oriented programs like Family Yoga and we work with youth oriented groups like the YDA.


Our bellydance classes are for people of all experience levels. Don't be afraid to jump in and try it out. We also have other classes like Tai Chi, Hip Hop, Hula Hooping and Nite-Club Dancing (It's like going to a club where you don't have to worry about doing your hair and makeup!)

Keep an eye on our calendar for even more exciting things to come! Inner Spirit Yoga Center prides itself on the commitment to being a valuable component in the local community. Come see what we're all about!